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Greetings !! from the Small Side Gallery!

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Welcome to the Small Side Gallery, my space for posting small paintings designed especially for little places.

(Don’t forget to check out the “Little Things” at the bottom of this post!)

I’ve recently hooked up with a site called “Daily Paintworks”.  Daily Paintworks is a site where artists can post paintings for sale. The paintings are normally small and are some of the best quality around!!  To see some of the little paintings I’ve posted there……. click here!  If in the process of visiting my new DPW gallery you discover something you like you can purchase the piece through DPW (through Pay Pal) or you can contact me through this site directly. I’ve reduced all prices on my DPW for the Christmas season.

There are 6 or 7 pieces already on Daily Paint Works.  Some are rather tradition for me and some not so much. I just hope you enjoy them.

Below is a 3 step demonstration of “Silence and Shadows”.

The first step, done on a 8×6 gessoed panel, is a rough sketch of the light and shadow pattern  done with a mixture of Alizarin Crimson Permanent and Sap Green.

Step two was just the areas of light. I painted this in with a mixture of Ivory Black, Titanium White and a touch of French Ultramarine Blue. Some of that mixture went into the shadow area to lighten and model the eyes, cheeks and chin.


The final stage was to just pull together the edges between dark and light, blending transitions and adding a few highlights.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Char. I met Char recently while attending an art show in Southern Colorado. For those of you buying from craftsmen and artists this year, do yourself a favor and take a look at what Char has been doing.  You can do that right here—->     We brought “Seanna and Sammy Pig” (below) home from the show and truly love having her here. Let’s shop from the creative types this year and support those who put there hearts into the things they produce!! If anyone would like to recommend an artist  just put a link to a website or contact information of some kind  and a reason why in comments and I’ll do my best to include them in my next Small Side Gallery post.

The Haiku below was written by Priscilla Harlin-Lignori. I snagged it off Facebook.  Seemed like the perfect “Little Thing” for today. If you’re on Facebook and would like to see more of this click here—->!/groups/HVHK2/

On Thanksgiving Day —
red-bellied woodpecker’s glad
he’s not a turkey

Thanks Priscilla, this is priceless!!  Basho eat your heart out!!!