Big Thomson

Welcome to the Small Side Gallery, my space for posting small paintings designed especially for little places.

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I’ve recently hooked up with a site called “Daily Paintworks”.  Daily Paintworks is a site where artists can post paintings for sale. The paintings are normally small and are some of the best quality around!!  To see some of the little paintings I’ve posted there……. click here!  If in the process of visiting my new DPW gallery you discover something you like you can purchase the piece through DPW (through Pay Pal) or you can contact me through this site directly. I’ve reduced all prices on my DPW for the Christmas season and the shipping is free.

In 1976 this river flooded. 144 people were killed and millions of dollars in damages were done. The flood is considered the worst disaster in Colorado history. It doesn’t look like such a bad ass in this little painting does it?    (This piece is 8×6 inches and I’ll post it on the DPW site)

Wes Hyde, Scott Jennings and I painted the Big Thomson this last summer. This (above) is one of two I painted that afternoon. It was a great day with the biggest problem being having to wait until the sun made it’s way into the canyon. It was totally worth it. Once the light finally dropped in it was no holds barred.

This is actually the first painting of the day. It measures 12×16 inches and was done about 200 yards down stream from the other one. It’s available right now but after this Saturday it’ll be hanging at Earthwood Collections in Estes Park. I’ll be there  doing a demonstration from about 11:00 A.M. until around 4:00 P.M. If you’re in the area please do us the honor of dropping in to say hello.

Little Things for today:

timid now in it’s
journey down the mountain this
river can still kill


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