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Cold Feet

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Welcome to the Small Side Gallery, my space for posting small paintings designed especially for little places.

I’ve recently hooked up with a site called “Daily Paintworks”.  Daily Paintworks is a site where artists can post paintings for sale.  To see some of the little paintings I’ve posted there……. click here!  If in the process of visiting my new DPW gallery you discover something you like, you can purchase the piece through DPW (through Pay Pal) or you can contact me through this site directly. I’ve reduced all prices on my DPW for the Christmas season and the shipping is free.

(Don’t forget to check out the “Little Things” at the bottom of this post!)

“Bear Creek  6×8 oil

“Bear Creek” will be available on Daily Paintworks starting tomorrow, Dec. 6.

This was done in the studio today from a photograph. It was nice and warm in there and I could take my time and work it out. Painting outdoors in the snow works a little bit differently. Feet get cold, fingers stiffen up, paint thickens, noses run, wind (the deal breaker) makes its own hole in you, and shivers take the place of a steadier hand. That’s all just the tip of the ice burg and most of the time it doesn’t matter.

A  plein air buddy called today. We’ve scheduled a couple of hours out on Wednesday morning to torture ourselves and do a little painting on Clear Creek. It’ll be the first time out in about a month and for sure the first time this snow season. We’ll  get cold, (40 degrees at the high point of the day), and uncomfortable, I’ll complain, he’ll laugh at me, I’ll mutter to myself wondering what the hell I’m doing there but in the end it’ll be worth it. Usually I bring something home that is at least workable either as a piece to rework or, if I’m lucky, to frame. And there’s always that trip to Starbucks after. Or before. Or both..

I’ll keep ya posted.

Below is the “Little Thing” for today:

The creek talks in

frozen whispers, I’m hearing

my teeth chatter