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At Home WithThe Muse?

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Welcome to the Small Side Gallery, my space for posting small paintings designed especially for little places.

(Don’t forget to check out the “Little Things” at the bottom of this post!)

I’ve recently hooked up with a site called “Daily Paintworks”.  Daily Paintworks is a site where artists can post paintings for sale. The paintings are normally small and are some of the best quality around!!  To see some of the little paintings I’ve posted there……. click here!  If in the process of visiting my new DPW gallery you discover something you like, you can purchase the piece through DPW (through Pay Pal) or you can contact me through this site directly. I’ve reduced all prices on my DPW for the Christmas season and the shipping is free.

Title:  “The Day I Saw The Muse” oil approximately 16×12 inches

How many of us have actually seen “The Muse”?

I had always thought it was supposed to be the quiet little voice that talks to us about inspiration and ideas. I had this picture of it living somewhere inside me. Isn’t it the thing that says “Yep! That’s it! That’s what turns my crank!”. And we don’t even realize we heard it? Isn’t it supposed to be what directs us to  all the wonderful places we had no idea we wanted to be and all the while stay out of sight?

Well….     I saw mine.   This is the “thing” that’s been directing me all these years to do this or that?

Actually it explains quite a bit. Now I have an idea why I’ve done some of the things I’ve done. It makes see why I thought Big Daddy Roth and Rat Fink were so cool. And now I realize why little people with horns and tails are lingering just out of sight when I’m working on a landscape.  I know he digs doing a landscape as much as I do but sometimes he like to cast abandon onto the wind and act a fool. My muse is a just a little bit odd.

Here, see for yourself. I’m starting to get used to him. But does it make you wonder just a little bit what YOUR muse really looks like?

“The Muse” 12×9 inches

Below is the “Little Thing” for today.

The end of Autumn

Me and my muse are at odds

over subject matter