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Somewhere In Eastern Colorado

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Welcome to the Small Side Gallery, my space for posting small paintings designed especially for little places.

I’ve recently hooked up with a site called “Daily Paintworks”.  Daily Paintworks is a site where artists can post paintings for sale.  To see some of the little paintings I’ve posted there……. click here!  If in the process of visiting my new DPW gallery you discover something you like, you can purchase the piece through DPW (through Pay Pal) or you can contact me through this site directly. I’ve reduced all prices on my DPW for the Christmas season and the shipping is free.

(Don’t forget to check out the “Little Things” at the bottom of this post!)

  Title:  The Road Home. 6×8 oil

I was talking with a fellow from Wisconsin a while back. He didn’t like Colorado because from our Eastern border to the mountains there was nothing to see.

Huh?  If I had thought a guided tour would have opened his eyes I’d have offered. Usually, though, those kind of statements are made by the same sort of people who will argue the color of snow is anything but white. I let it go.

I do share his love of the mountains. When it’s warm around here I spend considerable time painting up there. (And sometimes when it’s not warm.) But my first love is the wide open spaces of the Eastern part of the state.

I grew up out there so maybe I’m a little biased.  I learned a long time ago to appreciate the dark shadows that grow beneath a hundred foot Elm at mid day.  I know what it’s like to watch the sun go down, dazzling, turning from blood red to orange and yellow and finally blue and violet as the day light fades away. It’s pretty hard, for me at least, to drive through that part of the country and not see a coyote or two or a herd of antelope. I know where to find the fossils and I can show you where the dinosaurs walked. And I could introduce you to a bunch of folks that feel the same as me.

Maybe it’s just as well he doesn’t see it. More open space for those that do.

Below is the “Little Thing” for today:

The rattle snake

leaves a line in the sand much

like my road home